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Weight loss. It’s not your typical fat loss prescription, so how exactly could those tiny pricks drop the number on your scale? We talked to an acupuncturist and an obesity doc to find out. What's the theory behind acupuncture and weight loss? Here’s the claim: “ Acupuncture supports weight loss from many different angles,” says Jennifer Oh , MS, an acupuncture practitioner in New York. One of the most important ways, she says, is by giving your metabolism a boost by helping regulate your digestion, insulin, and hormones. From the Chinese Medicine perspective in which acupuncture is rooted, the idea is that when your major directory digestive organs aren’t functioning at 100 percent, your metabolism can get sluggish. Your body needs to use a lot of energy to burn fat, which isn’t a big deal if your metabolism is chugging along smoothly. But “if your metabolism is affected and your energy is low, your body goes into what I call ‘low power mode,’” says Oh. This makes it harder to drop pounds.

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